Why Chestnuts?

  • Chestnut is the world’s 4th most important nut and is in demand in the North America and around the world.
  • Produce buyers are recognizing that domestically grown chestnuts have higher quality compared to many imported chestnuts.
  • Domestic chestnut supplies are nearly sold out by Thanksgiving increasing demand throughout December.


  • Chestnut farming in Michigan is #1 in the nation for number of growers and acreage, yet demand still cannot be met.
  • Chestnut orchards are relatively easy to establish when compared to other relatively new crops such as hops or wine grapes.
  • Michigan-grown chestnuts can be found fresh in super markets, as peeled frozen nuts for restaurants, as gluten-free flour, and as chestnut chips prepared for the brewing industry.
  • When you produce chestnuts, you will be producing a highly nutritious, low fat nut with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants for Americans ready to purchase them each year.
  • Chestnuts are wind pollinized and do not rely on bees for pollination.