Laugh Out Loud


Things We See or Hear in the Chestnut World that Make Us Laugh

These trees don’t produce many chestnuts once planted in Michigan, so we were not surprised when we found the Dunstan chestnut company marketing in the Michigan Meijer stores Dunstan chestnut tree compost to “ATTRACT” deer. Might as well, since they don’t do much else.


When peeled, this chestnut looked a lot like a heart. So we took advantage and set it up for a “Love Michigan Chestnuts” photo op.



Here is Joe Dowd, co-founder and owner of Baffin Brewery, acting like waitstaff and personally serving us his excellent chestnut beer.  Highest rated chestnut beer on Untappd beer rating.


When you can’t sing, its time to study the smells.  Non-singing scientists determine what makes that great chestnut aroma when chestnuts are “roasting on the open fire.”



Chestnut growers are known to be a little…well let’s say enamored with the old things they bought decades ago. This tire still goes round, so why replace it?  Why? Because it grabbed one of our workers pants leg and shredded it.


Researchers never get tired of using expensive pieces of equipment for novel ideas.  Here the chestnut peeler is used to help clean and sort pawpaws.



What do you do with an old nest 5 months after its been abandoned?  This chestnut bur has moved in and is using it to incubate her “eggs.”



This horse just wouldn’t go away.  It loved those chestnuts so much that it was worth putting up with the occasional sharp bur in the tongue, nose and lip to get to those tasty Colossal chestnuts.  If you turn up the volume and listen closely, you can hear him crunching the chestnuts.  Yes, those are Colossal chestnuts even though they look pretty small next to the horse.