Jillian Young Foundation


Recently, in a commitment to give back to our chestnut community, the COS board voted to financially support the Jillian Young Foundation of Elsberry, Missouri.  Jillian, a vivacious and intelligent high school student lost her life in a car accident in 2013.  The loss of Jillian, a member of the Lovelace family of Forrest Keeling Nursery, devastated the family and everyone in the nursery.  Just as chestnut growers in Michigan were recognizing the value of the grafted chestnuts produced by Forrest Keeling Nursery for Michigan growers, the nursery was stung with the tragic news of her death.  Forrest Keeling Nursery managed to supply chestnut trees in 2013 and continues to support our state’s effort in chestnut orchard development.   In tribute, COS supports the Jillian Young Foundation and asks you to consider making a donation to the Jillian Young Foundation.  This Foundation is dedicated to memorializing Jillian by providing college scholarships to students in Elsberry with financial need who display academic excellence, strong citizenship and character and with a desire to make a contribution to society.  Each year these scholarships are presented to the students.  (Go to Facebook and search Jillian Young Foundation for more information). We strongly suggest you support the Jillian Young Foundation.  Send a check to the Jillian Young Foundation and mail to Forrest Keeling Nursery, 88 Forrest Keeling Lane, Elsberry, Missouri 63343.