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We now introduce 2 new Pages. The first one is called        O–M–G. We hope we don’t have to write an O–M–G too often as this will cover things we believe are absolutely outrageously crazy in the world of chestnut. Go to O–M–G to read about our first O–M–G. Because of this O–M–G, we are stepping up our efforts to make sure Michigan growers are clear about the reasons we grow chestnuts the way we do. Therefore, below is our cure for the first and current   O–M–G, its called education.

The second of our new Pages section is called Thank You. There are always a host of people we need to thank and this is our permanent way to mark our Thanks to them. The first Thanks is about Lupe Rios who works for Forrest Keeling Nursery. He just received a major award. Go to the Thank You Page and read about Lupe Rios. And then go there often to see who we next have to Thank for their help and inspiration.

2017 Meeting Calendar Still Being Set

(as information comes in, these will be up dated)

February 1      American Chestnuts Today                                                        

Time:  7:00-9:00 pm

Location: Boardman River Nature Center,                                                 1450 South Cass Road, Traverse City

Sponsored by: Leelanau, Grand Traverse and Benzie Conservation Districts

Contact: Kama Ross;


March 18        MNPC Annual Meeting, Clarksville

Time: 10:00am to 4:00pm

Location: MSU Clarksville Research Center                                                9032 Portland Road, Clarksville

Agenda being developed

Contact: Erin Lizotte;

Registration details:

See: this website for more information as it develops


Late April       Chestnut Orchard Establishment

Date proposed sometime in the last 2 weeks of                                         April. An all day, weekday meeting held at Clarksville Research Center

Subjects to be covered:

  •    The world of commercial chestnut production in Michigan
  •    Cost of Production
  •    Orchard establishment and design
  •    Pest management and resources
  •    What does the Future hold?
  •    Harvest, storage and market


Registration details:

See: this website for more information as it develops

Contact: Erin Lizotte;

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