COS next appearance is Great Lakes Expo 2016


Great Lakes Expo 2016: The Premiere Show for
 Fruit and Vegetable Growers, Greenhouse Growers and Farm                                     Marketers!


(Re-registration Credits for MI and OH and CCA credits posted)

Chestnut Education Session

Tuesday, December 6-morning 9:00 am

Where: Grand Gallery (main level) Room D

MI Recertification credits: 1 (COMM CORE, PRIV CORE)

OH Recertification credits: 0.5 (presentations as marked)

CCA Credits: PM(1.0) CM(1.0)

Moderator: Josh Springer, President, Chestnut Orchard Solutions, Lansing, MI


9:00 am The Michigan Chestnut Market; Growth, Pricing and Demand

•  Roger Blackwell, President of Chestnut Growers Inc. and Owner of New Era Chestnuts, Milford, MI

9:40 am Orchard Design; Site Selection, Cultivars, and Care

•  Dennis Fulbright, Plant, Soil and Microbial Sciences Dept., MSU

10:30 am Considerations for New Growers; Economics, Pests and Resources (OH: 2B, 0.5 hr)

•  Erin Lizotte, Integrated Pest Management Educator, MSU Extension, Cadillac, MI

11:00 am Session Ends

Certainly 2016 will go down as one of the great years in chestnut history, from the perspective of new orchards, high yields and new cultivars. At the Great Lakes Expo chestnut education session, Dennis Fulbright promises to discuss the Clarksville yield trials and compare the 2016 season with results from the previous seasons. He also promises to bring people up-to-date on chestnut blight biological control efforts, the progress MSU is making on tissue culture and rooted cuttings, and Asian chestnut gall wasp spread. Bring your friends and potential orchardists as we will focus on our continued effort in establishing more orchards and a critical mass of chestnut farms that will cement Michigan’s role as the Number 1 chestnut state.

Have you seen the giant ‘Bouche de Betizac’ nuts? New customers are being found and reliance on streamlined methods for disbursing the product are being used. Two new chestnut bottled beers premiered in 2016. Both Chestnut Head from ROAK in Royal Oak, Michigan and King Chestnut, Tennessee Brew Works, Nashville, Tennessee (released on November 10th) are being distributed to stores. These beers go along with the 10th anniversary of Fuego del Otoño production and sales from our longtime friend Jolly Pumpkin Artisan Ales. They also produced 2 new chestnut beers; a chestnut IPA and their flagship BAM beer now with chestnuts. These new beers supplement their gluten-free chestnut beer which won the gold medal at the Denver All American Beer Festival in 2010.

Chestnut Orchard Solutions will be looking into various ways to obtain new chestnut harvesters so that more orchards can be harvested in a more timely manner around the state with a simple application that you can find on this website in September, 2017.

There will be no chestnut booth this year, but Forrest Keeling Nursery will be present and staffed with people willing to help you with your chestnut questions. We will see you at the education session or at the Forrest Keeling Nursery booth.

Fun Things Seen with Chestnut This Fall

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