Chestnut Trees from Forest Keeling Nursery

Chestnut Trees Will Be Available Friday, September 16

COS Will Again Help FKN with Orders

September 17th Field Trip Canceled


The plan to hold a field trip at the Clarksville Research Center (CRC) has been canceled due to the early arrival of the Forrest Keeling Nursery (FKN) grafted chestnut trees. Chestnut Orchard Solutions (COS) board members met with FKN in August to help secure the early arrival of the FKN-grafted chestnut trees for Friday, September 16, beginning at noon. This early arrival will benefit the chestnut industry in Michigan since nut harvest for many chestnut growers will be extra-large this year. The more separation between tree arrival and harvest will provide more time for both planting and harvesting. The venue for chestnut tree pick up will be the same as last year: COS member Carmen Medina of COS will be at the MSU Clarksville Research Center, 9302 Portland Road, Clarksville, MI. The orders will be arranged by grower. There is a chance that some extra trees will be available and growers may pay for and take home extra trees until they run out. Orders will be distributed continuously from noon Friday, Sept. 16th to 4:00 pm Sunday, Sept. 18th. After that, please call Carmen at 616-666-2004 to schedule your pick up.

Hours for pick up—

Friday, Sept. 16th, noon to 5:00

Saturday, Sept. 17th, 8:00 to 5:00

Sunday, Sept. 18th, 10:00 to 4:00

After this, call Carmen to make arrangements for pick up at 616-666-2004.


COS will play a major role in distributing the trees at the CRC. If you want to have your trees delivered by truck to your farm, COS can deliver the trees to your orchard. Contact us so we can get you on our growing deliveries list! We can also provide planting assistance! Call 517.643.2875 or email for more information.


photo 1File photo of 2015 Forrest Keeling Nursery chestnut tree disbursement at Clarksville.

photo 2Lupe Rios of Forrest Keeling Nursery showing off the large number of fibrous roots on this chestnut tree in August 2016. This tree and about 4,800 others (behind Lupe) will be arriving at the Clarksville Research Center on September 16th, 2016.

photo 3Lupe stands by the tagged and ready-for-a-ride chestnut trees coming to Michigan. If planted in the right locations and properly cared for, the 2016 tree order alone will be producing about 150,000 pounds of chestnuts in 10 to 12 years.


 COS Will harvest Your Chestnuts (no, not for free)

Chestnut Orchard Solutions wants you to enjoy Autumn and all the activities associated with the fall season. Need help or want COS to harvest your chestnuts? We can do that and we will choose between hand or machine harvesting. Simply fill out the enclosed form and submit as soon as possible for a fun and enjoyable fall season. Of course, some people think chestnut harvest is fun, at least once. Let us do it for you. (Click on Chestnut Harvest 2016 for details).

photo 4Photo credit Kraig Ehm, MSU

Some chestnut orchards in Michigan require mechanical harvest as this machine (above) can harvest almost 4 tons of chestnuts in one day. If you don’t require the mechanical harvester, we can still pick them up with the Nut Wizard (below).

Harvesting chestnuts manually using NutWhizard




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