Orchard Visit led by COS

Chestnut Orchard Visit, May 14 at 1pm—Mark your calendar!

Join Chestnut Orchard Solutions team when we visit the orchard of Alan Brent in Jackson, Michigan.  Details of the field trip are found by clicking Scheduled Field Trips—2016 (left side bar).

Spring is here and Michigan’s flora and fauna provide evidence of the season.  Alan Brent’s chestnuts trees are beginning to break bud and their story is one that every grower or potential grower needs to hear.  The COS team is working hard to provide field trips throughout the summer  that the support our mission of  establishing orchards with the right trees,  the right cultivars, from the right nursery,  established the right way.   Nothing is ever perfect, but Alan Brent’s young orchard may be as close as you can come.

Beautiful spring day at Alan Brent’s chestnut orchard near Jackson, Michigan.
Robin nest and eggs in a  chestnut tree, an example of your orchard’s integration with nature

Details of the field trip are found by clicking Scheduled Field Trips—2016 (left side bar).

COS team members expected at the field trip May 14:  Josh Springer, Carmen Medina and Dennis Fulbright

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